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Bloomin’ Brilliant

  The more I investigate ethical fashion, the more I realise that everything is connected and occasionally this interlocking web reveals something truly worth talking about. At The Good Fashion Show several weeks ago, I met Emily Huc who designs … Continue reading

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Is honesty the best policy?

This week I did something I never do; I investigated what people were saying about the subject before writing this post. Considering the awe-inspiring topic, I felt I needed to found out what the reaction was elsewhere. Let’s just say, … Continue reading

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Everything Must Go

I’m back! Yep it’s been nearly two months and in that time I’ve almost forgotten how to use WordPress and Twitter and everything else tech-related. I really dislike living online and I find the fact that it has become essential … Continue reading

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The Tipping Point

I feel the need today, to reflect on all the developments I’ve discovered in the world of ethical fashion and to ponder where this movement is headed. There are a lot of amazing things happening, from fabric innovation to creative … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy

Ethical fashion has been lurking in the back of my mind for a few years but I only recently discovered Lucy Siegle. She never registered on my radar before, probably because living in France obscured my vision of most British … Continue reading

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